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CEL codes retrieved!

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  • CEL codes retrieved!

    edit: now i see the disclaimer at the top of the forum!

    I recently picked up 7 SV and saturday i ran my code reader thru the car and i pulled up:

    p0113 - IAT sensor 1 circiut high input

    p0708 - trans range sensor circuit high input

    p0743 - torque converter circuit electrical

    p0750 - shift soleniod A malfunction

    p0755 - shift solenoid B malfunction

    p0443 - EVAP emission control system purge valve C fault

    p0453 - EVAP control system pres sensor high

    the car is 4 years old but only had 750 miles on it.
    has anyone else dealt w/ these codes on their 7?
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    2002 SV zetec/sierra; yellow over green

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    The stock ECU will surely always bitch and moan about sensor errors since many of them do not exist on a Caterham.
    Here is my take on the codes. What you want to make sure is that the ECU does not switch over to limp-home mode, which usually gives crappy performance.

    p0113: Intake Air Temperature sensor. I thought that this was integrated into the mass airflow sensor (MAF), but I may be wrong. Doesn't really matter since IAT will only marginally affect the air-fuel ratio (more fuel in colder air). However, I a IAT sensor error may trigger limp-home mode.

    p0708. I don't know what the word "trans" means in this context. If it is transmission, then the speedo/RPM ratio is probably measured and validated, which will trigger this error since the speedo is not hooked up to the ECU. Wouldn't worry about it.

    p0743, p0750, p0755: You run a manual box (I truly hope), so no torque converter or shift solenoids. Ignore.

    p0743, p0753: There is no tank pressure sensor in a Seven. Although there is a evap canister valve (in the engine bay just inside the right front shock mount), it is not necessarily hooked up. Ignore.

    In conclusion:
    Try to figure out if you are running in limp-home mode. If not, just ignore the errors above and continue driving. You may be able to get rid of a few of the messages by installing resistors on the unconnected sensor wires, but the ECU probably expects variable voltages on a few on them, meaning that these will continue to generate error codes.

    To really solve the problem once and for all, dump the stock ECU and install a Motec, Emerald, Pi or similar race ECU (after making sure that you can still smog the vehicle for road use).

    /Magnus F.


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      i figured as much on teh state of most the CEL codes being due to a lack of sensors. I really want to reatain the stock ECU for OBDII here in NY. I do have a TEC 3 that was slated for a subaru project, but the headaches w/ state inspections have convinced me to sell it.

      I don't beleive its in limp mode. If the car is, and it runs like a raped ape now, i can't fathom how it will move when it gets righted!:cool:
      2002 SV zetec/sierra; yellow over green