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Panoramic mirrors

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  • Panoramic mirrors

    Where did you cool cats score those wink-type low profile rear view mirrors? The badboys that clip onto the windscreen frame? Hook a brother up! Perry.

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      "Wink" Style Mirror

      What a coincidence you should inquire about the panoramic mirror! I just received mine from Mirrors For Sevens two days ago, after a sort of endorsement from Magnus some time ago. It's about 1 1/4" square x 20" long and weighs next to nothing. It appears to be made out of black Delrin and has some clever machining to the backside. If it works as good as it looks I'll be a happy camper. I've had Wink mirrors in other cars over the years and swear by them. I'm anxious to install it and take it out for a spin. Almost anything is much better than the stock windshield-mounted Caterham rear view mirror! I'll also be looking into a pair of stanchion mounted mirrors as long as the stock windshield is installed while the car is being street driven. Of course, they all come off as one piece when the Aeroscreen is installed, as it has its own set of 3 mirrors. Hope you enjoy it!
      With Best Regards,
      Jim F.


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        Mirrors For Sevens