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  • trans/crossflow


    I just bought a caterham with a 1700 crossflow
    and I'm wondering if a 5speed that came from
    a 1600 will fit the 1700. It would be nice to have
    a spare. Lannie

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    Congratulations on your purchase!

    You mean a 5 speed that was fitted to a 1600 crossflow Caterham? If so, then yes it should. AFAIK all the 5-speed T9 transimissions supplied from Caterham are pretty much the same. Ford produced a few different versions of that 'box (short shaft/long shaft, ratios, etc) but I believe the ones from Caterham are all the same barring perhaps an optional taller 1st gear ratio in some.


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      I believe the 1700 is just a bored out 1600. Maybe stroked too, I don't know all the details. Same basic block is the point.

      The 5 speed should fit as long as it has the same input shaft length as the transmission coming out.

      You might check Blatchat for more information.

      The T9 is the N type 5 speed at the bottom of the attached.

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        thanks for all the replies to my question. It has helped
        decide what to do. I have the feeling that parts for the
        16 and 1700 may be hard to get so I thought having
        a rebuilt trans around might be a good Idea. thanks Lannie