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  • sb100 advise

    I just bought a caterham7 that was built in 95. It has a 1700
    crossflow. It will pass the basic test but I live in a inhanced
    county. I would like any advise about dealing with sb100
    or what I would have to do with an engine change that would
    work for the smog. I will be gitting the car when the weather
    is better and will get more involved with the group.. Thanks
    Lannie. SF Bay area/

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    Is it registered now?

    If so what year is it registered as?



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      And where? The title may just transfer to a CA title if you are "lucky".


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        My story...

        I think 'cause it's a cross flow it's a 60's block and is exempt from smog. At least that's how I approached it. Here's how it worked for me.

        While living in italy I bought my '92 Caterham from Caterham and drove it to Italy. I then had the motor removed and shipped the motor and chassis seperately, in seperate consignments. Once back in CA. I had Rich Kamp re-assemble the parts and applied for SB100 Jan 1st 2005. Because it is an older block, and I had a seperate shipping invoice for both parts (chassis and motor) there was no issue claiming for smog exemption. There were 2 inspections; one from CHP for the chassis # and one from the state for smog. The smog one was a formality since it was exempt. The CHP one involved them putting a new CA VIN # plaque on the bulkhead. It was not straight forward as I was never sure what was happening next. The key was that I had imported the chassis and motor seperately and that the block is from the 60's.

        Probably doesn't help much. It always seems as each case has its own circumstances and requires a slightly different approach. Best of luck and hope to see you on the road! :cool:

        Post some pics when you get them.
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          sb100 advise

          Thanks for all the replys

          It is reg in calif (redding) basic test county. It is reg as a 1995
          but smogged as a 64 engine (pcv) only. At this point I think I will
          have 2 yrs before I have to deal with smogging again. I'm hoping
          to get lucky on Jan 1st. I live in Piedmont calif.
          Maybe I could get together with some locals.Thanks, Lannie


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            sb100 advise

            Here is a pic of the 7.
            Attached Files


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              sb100 advise

              Those 13 inch minilites will be for sale after I get the car If anyone
              is interested. Lannie


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                Hold on to them for the track