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Hydraulic Clutch Problem

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  • Hydraulic Clutch Problem

    Hello all, I'm having a problem with my hydraulic clutch for which I need advice. My car is a '93 deDion, LHD, 1700 Crossflow. Over the past year or so, my clutch has been seemingly going out of adjustment. I've been compensating by adjusting at the slave cylinder first, and then at the master cylinder. Now that I'm unable to adjust anymore, the clutch once again is going out of adjustment (ie very difficult and sometimes impossible to engage first from a stop).

    I'm thinking this could only be either the master or slave cylinders. Before I go ahead and order new ones, can anyone think of any other possibilities? Also, and advice for installing said parts?

    Thank you!


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    Leaking fluid?
    Does bleeding help?


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      If not leaking fluid and bleeding doesn't help it could be the pressure plate or release bearing.

      I've had the fingers on the pressure plate wear out and produce similar symptoms.

      It could be the clutch plate itself is just worn out although this would normally show up as slipping.

      Is it making any noise when engaged or other wise?

      If you are sure the slave and master cyliner are working then the only other solution is the pressure plate/ release bearing and that's engine out time.

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        No, not leaking a drop and the fluid is at the top. Clutch isn't showing any signs of slippage at all, so I figured it must be a hydraulic problem. The car is 13 years old, but with only about 6,500 miles the clutch components shouldn't be worn (I think). Also no unusual noises. I'm the original owner/builder so I know the clutch has never been abused. My feeling was that the rubber parts in the master/slave cyls are tired.

        Thanks for the ideas, and please keep them coming.


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          Many years ago when working in a shop in NM we did so many English car master cylinder & slave honing n re-rubbering jobs that we wanted to start calling the shop Timmy's Slave-o (in reference to Bill King's Brake-O, a chain auto joint in Texass). Sounds to me that you may be heading that way next. I'm not sure this will help much but what the hell:

 is your first and best source for all of the information you’re looking for. From general topics to more of what you would expect to find here, has it all. We hope you find what you are searching for!

          If it's bad (or not), maybe the uprated mc assembly might be in order. Iow, (rationalized) upgradeitis salved, by any means necessary.
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            Rebuilding the slave and master should be an easy job.

            If that doesn't fix it then you'll need to look into replacing the clutch itself.

            If the fingers on the pressure plate loose their spring, it won't disengage.

            The site Chris mentions looks like it covers most of the causes of your symptoms.



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              Thanks again for the advice, and for pointing me to that clutch website. I think I'll try replacing the master and slave cylinders to see if that works. As this is really my first problem with the car since '93, I suppose I really can't complain!