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External Dimensions of Ford Duratec 2.3L engine ?

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  • External Dimensions of Ford Duratec 2.3L engine ?

    I am installing the Duratec 2.3L engine. Is there a web site that gives
    the external dimensiions of this engine? I have searched many Ford sites without success. How do the external dimensions compare to the Zetec 2.0L ?
    Or do I just have to physically measure the engine ? I have not bought it yet, so looking for a cheaper short-term answer.

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    Roger, Did you make it to the kit car show in the UK? There is a Ford website that gives the Duratec dimensions and I'll try to find it again for you. And, uh, what sort of contraption are you figuring to put a Duratec into?? Brad


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      If you need the dimensions of the guts, look here:

      (it's the 13th item on the list, from the top)

      If you're concerned w/ the overall size r.e. putting it into a (Caterham) 7:

      The only possible concern dimensionally is the height. Correct motor mounts accomodate this. Otherwise it fits no problem.
      A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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        Hi Brad:
        Yes we went to the show in England. It was great. A race car driver drove us around the track in the car. The first lap I thought I was going to die. The second lap was sheer adrenalin. The circuit is 2.5 miles with lots of elevation changes. Very exciting. We were lucky on the weather. No rain on that day.
        My son had a ride in the car too. His eyes were a mile wide when he got back.
        He said it was very exciting. Oultion Park was very nice. All the major
        Lotus 7 kit manufacures were there. Caterham , Mac etc. I got some detailed pictures of the new Caterham with the Duratec, inboard shocks.
        I am busy with work since I got back.
        I will send you some good pics when I get some time.
        I called Woody today. I am giving up on the Duratec. Too many problems
        with the size of the engine . I would have to use dry sump. Too many big
        bucks for me $$.. Woody sugested I reconsider the Zetec that everybody
        else is using.
        I think I will go for that. Also thinking about the T5 transmission, as in the
        V8 Mustang. Still have to research the differential...
        Oh.... I am getting the MNR VortX RT+ kit. Marc Nordon racing We loved it.
        100% tube frame, very light, inboard shocks, independent rear suspension.
        And less $$.
        We visited the workshop and saw the craftsmanship of their construciion.
        Nice guys too.
        It was a great trip for my son. He loved England. Something different than

        I have lots of pictures I will send a few to you and put on the web.
        Are you going to Buttonwillow this weekend. I have to work. I am afraid
        it might rain.

        I hope to get the car this summer. Have to get the engine, trans ASAP.
        Searching the web every night for parts.

        Roger L


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          We are heading to BW on friday. It appears that 10-12 Sevens will be there.
          Rain won't stop the fun.

          Somebody on this site may be be able to help with a zetec. (?)

          The kit you are getting looks good!! Can't wait to see it on the road...

          A trip around a race track has to be the best sales tool around!!!