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  • Where to fix a 7

    I have a few Sevens that need some frame work and was wondering if there's any recomendations of where I might have that done in southern California. Or conversely I'd be happy to sell the lot if I could get most of enough to get one working Caterham or an Elise.

    The lot is 3 real Lotus frames with Number plates, , 2 with CA pink slips, a new early Caterham frame, a Mazda rotary, BDA, 2 twincams, a 1600 stromburg head engine and a 1850 steel Hart big valve engine, 2 new cortina salisbury limited slips, a detroit locker for a cortina and a bunch of other stuff.

    Don't wast my time asking to buy an engine or a limited slip! It's not being parted out.

    Private email with a phone number will get you a call back if you're interested.

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    Where are the cars, if a fella wanted to see them? What Series are the Lotus frames? Do they have fenders, bonnets, etc? Thank you.


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      Southern California. At least 3 sets of glass. 2 series 2 and a series 3.