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Super 7 Ball Joint Splitter

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  • Super 7 Ball Joint Splitter

    See attached photo.

    No damage to the rubber boot.

    No special tools required, although as any technically competent British Car Mechanic will attest, this works best if the bolt is Whitworth.

    The nut on the Super 7 Ball Joint Splitter should be just flush with the end.

    Loosen the nut on the ball joint until just clear of it's own threads.

    Insert S7BJS as shown, and continue to loosen the nut on the ball joint until it contacts the nut on the S7BJS. Just enought to hold in it in place.

    Then turn the nut on the S7BJS putting pressure on the ball joint nut until it pops out of the taper. Be sure to push on the ball joint nut, not the threaded end.

    If it didnt' work it's either rusted in place or you turned the nut the wrong way.

    Works great for me.

    Patent applied for.

    Might also be best if the bolt is left handed. That way the nut on the ball joint won't move at the same time. I've had no problems using a standard right hand thread.

    I use a 2" long bolt. A bit shorter might be better as in my latest test the 2" bolt just fit. It may have a thicker head than the first one.

    Posted another idea from Grant Taylor in the UK. He added the two jam nuts in the middle of the bolt, the better to get a wrench on it.

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    Hi Doug,

    That's pretty spiffy! If you used a threaded sleeve instead of a nut, you would have a greater range of operation.


    Tom "ELV15" Jones


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      Good idea, you get to be listed as a coinventor on the patent.

      It only needs to move a short way to bust it loose.



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        Super 7s have ball joints?
        A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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          Yes Chris,

          That was the part you spot welded because you didn't like "loose things in your steering setup". Hence the slight directional problems with your car, and your life...

          Doug: That was an absolutely brilliant solution to the ball joint problem. I can now retire my mallet.

          /Magnus F.


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            Harump. I'll have you know that I didn't weld that. I soldered it...
            A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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              I tried your ball joint splitter since I am upgrading the front wheel hubs, and it worked perfectly.

              On the second wheel I tried putting a 10mm 3/8" socket on top of the nut, letting the bolt protude into the socket. This seemed to give a bit more stability to the setup as I applied tension to it. Matter of taste, I guess.

              Now I am off to find a hydraulic press to get the old stub axle out and install the new one (which is much more robust).

              First, though, I need to figure out the installation order of the spacers and bearings when I install them on the axle and in the hub.

              /Magnus F.