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Caterham SV, spend more money or sell it?

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  • Caterham SV, spend more money or sell it?

    I have a Caterham SV, with an Autocourse modded Duratec 2.3 liter engine with about 240hp to 250hp. The car is running fine now, but the oil pressure gauge shows about .5 at idle and 3.5 at high rpms. I just happened to have an old video of the dashboard before my lastest round of engine upgrades (new rods and cam) and the guage indicated 2.5 at idle, so the oil pressure is definately much lower now. I don't think it's a gauge issue and the car isn't low on oil.

    My issue is that I have no way to transport the car, and William can't do much work on the cars due to circumstances beyond his control.

    So if William can't work on the car anymore, I need to find someone that can, get this issue fixed, or just give up and sell the car to someone that has the time, resources, or contacts that can work on the car.

    Any suggestions here would be welcome.

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    This does not sound too odd....both measured at the same temperature, same oil grade, same idle speed etc?

    My Zetec ZX1 idles with about 3-4 bar when really cold that drops to less than 1 bar hot at 1000 rpm and even below the gage reading limit when idling at 800 rpm. All measured with 5W30 Mobil1.

    But, in any case there should be a zillion shops who can check out a Duratec. You wouldn't sell the car because the ashtray is full :)


    P.S.: Just in Case, there is this new member in Bozeman, MT who is looking for an SV.....
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      Based on your statement I gather you've talked to Will. Just what did he say about what you've noticed r.e. the pressure?

      As I remember it, you said that the car has a dry sump system. In this case find out from Will where he got the parts (Pace?) and drop them an email regarding what the correct pressure should be (under normal temp of course).

      Oil temp & viscosity effects oil pressure at idle. When the oil is cold, pressure is generally higher, dropping as it heats up.

      1/2 bar & 3 bar sounds low to me. My 2.0L Duratec w/ wet sump pushes about 8 bar on full chat. But that may not apply to you due to your particular pump & configuration.

      Btw, if you have pressure you should be able to drive the car.
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        Ok checked it again when cold. It shows 2.5 bar at idle but it barely reaches 4 at higher rpms. This drops down to .5 bar to 3.5 bar when hot (water temp at 80 Centigrade).

        William recommended against Mobil 1 in my car, and recommended I use Redline oil instead. If I can determine what oil filter the car has in it, I'll probably go to the shop in Costa Mesa (mentioned in another thread here) to get an oil change soon.

        The shop is Viking Motorsports, they're open tomorrow, so I plan on dropping the car off tomorrow. Thanks for the help.
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          Drop me a note if you want me to join up with you. I live approx 15 min from Viking Motorsports.

          /Magnus F.