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Where to get oil change for Caterham

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  • Where to get oil change for Caterham

    I live in south orange county. I have a Caterham SV, with a Ford Duratech 2.3 liter engine, and a dry sump system. Are there any shops near Laguna Hills, or Costa Mesa area tha can change the oil?

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    I usually change my oil myself as it's very easy. I don't have a dry sump but I can't imagine it's too difficult.

    Post some pics if you can, of the filter and the tank.
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      I asked the local Jiffy Lube about changing the oil in my 7.

      They refused to touch it.

      Perhaps some independent shop would do it.

      I visited an Alfa repair shop near Newport Beach that seemed willing to work on anything. I don't recall their name but Magnus might.



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        Harry Appelby at Viking Motorsports, Costa Mesa, would certainly help you out.

        He's supervised the rebuild of the SV with the failed A-arm and also replaced the engine (which had a crack in its block) and gave it a very good paint job (yellow).

        I would ship my car off to him any day in the week if I didn't have time to service it myself.

        Have a look at . The Caterham actually shows up on the slide show of the front page.

        There is usually a large variety of Lotuses hanging out in his shop. I've seen a 340R there together with an BMW M1. The car spotting bonus alone may be worth a trip to his shop.

        If you decide to contact him, say hello from me.

        /Magnus F.


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          Oil Change


          That's the one.

          Why I remember it as being Alfa related I cannot explain, - other than my general state of confusion.



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            Thanks, I work in Costa Mesa, so it's not too long of a trip for me. Hopefully I can drop off the car there for service and pick it up later or the next day. Anychance they can do stuff like adjust cam / valve tappet clearance?


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              I am fairly positive that they can.

              /Magnus F.