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    Since I bought my car (used) I was under the impression to have a ZETEC ZX2 version engine. However, lately I learned from trusted sources that my engine is probably a ZX1, possibly even a UK spec model (Ford Mondeo engine or whatever that means...).

    Since I am considering an engine upgrade, I was wondering if anybody knows a competent engine shop in SoCal that can do such work. I did talk with Esslinger Engineering in S. El Monte but did not get the impression that they appreciate the subtle differences.

    Any ideas? Thanks!


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    Esslinger did the headwork and installed the Kent Focus 12 cams in my zetec. I'm very happy with the how it works (175HP @ the rear wheels and very tractable). I believe that the UK based companies have many more years working with the zetec series and that the laws governing engine mods may be a bit more flexible there and that the result is better developed cams for small motors like the zetec. Companies here sometimes "regrind" original cams, which I think can limit what can be done. Starting with a blank hunk of steel seems to me a better way to go. Kent and Piper seem to have a lot of admirers in the UK. Both have websites. You might pose the question on blatchat or a Birkin/westfield website. There should be a lot of opinions out there. 8)