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16" wheels, should I change to 15"

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  • 16" wheels, should I change to 15"

    I have a Caterham SV with 16" wheels and CR500 tires. I've did a recent web search and I don't see any 16" Avon CR500 tires anywhere. Should I switch to 15" wheels? If so, where can I get my speedometer re-calibrated?

    My Caterham SV has a 2.3 liter Duratech, with power around 230hp or so (will know more on this when I do another dyno run). Redline is at 7800 rpm, which tranlates into about 60mph with the current 16" wheel and CR500 tire. How much smaller in diameter will the 15" wheel and CR500 tire combo be if I do switch?

    Apparently there's a very light 15" wheel for the Caterham that I'd probably get.

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    Hi Jeff,

    There are lots of options for wheels and tires. Is the primary reason you are switching so you can run CR500's?

    Many folks recommend 13" wheels for the best performance, but you loose a bit of clearance with the smaller wheels.

    Tom "ELV15" Jones


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      I currently have Avon CR500's on my Caterham SV with 16" wheels. When it comes time to replace the tires though, I'm wondering what I will do.


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        If you want to stick with the CR500's I'd just contact Caterham directly. I am not sure, but I believe they are the only ones selling CR500's (at least in some of their specific sizes).
        Tom "ELV15" Jones


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          The CR500s are generally a bitch to find. You might want to try Stokes Tire Pros in Santa Monica. John was able to source them this year but those were all 13s. Slicks too!

          I've found them from guy in the bay area who supplies racing tires for vintage cars etc. Unfortunately I can't remember the url just now. I'll post it when I get home and look it up.

          Cooper Tire is Avon now, or visa versa, at least Over Here. Maybe a Cooper dealer can order them but I doubt it.
          A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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            Here is the url for Roger Kraus Racing in Castro Valley, Ca:

            He lists two sizes for 15" CR500's, 175-50-15 and 195-45-15, but only the 195-45-15 is listed on the Avon UK site, plus two 13" sizes. I don't know of anyone who has ordered tires from Kraus.
            The Avon UK site is:

            I know Woody Harris in Vacaville has recommended an east coast importer, Sasco Sports, as a source:

            I can't find the CR500 listed on that site, so you would probably have to call to see what's available.
            Let me know if you find a source because I eventually would like to get 15" CR500's too!


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              Back when I had the Ferrari, I was looking for a (any) set of tires with a 70-series sidewall and a VR speed rating or better to fit a 14-inch rim - or maybe it was 15-inch? Anyway, it was starting to look like I might have to drive from San Jose to Los Angeles to buy tires, but Roger Kraus Racing had them in stock, and also had the capability to mount them on the magnesium knock-off rims without damage. Mounting and balancing was included at no extra charge. They were knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. That was over ten years ago, and my one and only experience with them, but I was very impressed.
              - Sean


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                Update, I only have the Avon zzr1's, not the cr500's. Not sure if a cr500 ever came with a 16" wheel. The 16" wheel was a Caterham SV option. Someone recomended Falken Azenis tires (I assume RT615, but maybe RT215), any opinion on these?
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                  16" wheels and CR500 tires
                  The CR500's were never available in 15"

                  You can either swap to 15" wheels (or 13's), or continue with the 16" wheels.

                  I runn 16's on myt SV for the road with Avon ZZ3's which last about 10000 miles.

                  If you never have any rain / snow etc you could think about running Pirelli P Zero Assemmectrico, which are great in the dry but pants in the wet.

                  Yoko A539's are a good all round option, but may are currently looking at running Stunna scudos, which are looking good


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                    Hi All,

                    The CR500's are available in both 13" and 15" (don't know about 16") sizes to suit the Se7en. Dan Holtman is VERY happy with 15's he recently fitted to his Birkin. Having driven his car I agree that they are a stunning road tire for a Se7en and aquit themselves well on the track too. There's a reason they are standard fitment on the Superlight R500.

                    Stan is correct in that we recommend Sasco Sports as an Avon supplier. Sasco is apparently Avon's largest dealer in the US and when the combined container load comes in for the US Avon dealers, it arrives first at Sasco. Several of the other Avon dealers actually get their tires from Sasco as well, and we have had nothing but excellent service from Sasco. Sasco is in the process of compiling their winter Avon order for delivery by the start of next season (read about 3-4 months from now). They stock ACB 10's as they are popular with several other classes on the East Coast, but for the moment will will only order CR 500's on the basis of a firm order with CC confirmation. The man to contact at Saco is Mr. Elton Gannaway. Elton is maintaining an Avon order list at [email protected]. Sasco's web site is Contact Elton by phone: 434-822-7200.

                    Woody Harris