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  • Assembly

    I recently purchased a Caterham Club Sport and am in the process of assembling the car myself in my spare time.
    I was bolting the independent rear center section to the frame and ran into a problem....
    I was able to bolt the top and rightside bracket without any problem, the leftside frame bracket wouldn't line up properly with the thread pattern on the center section, it was off by approximately 1/16th of an inch or possibly a little less.
    Has anyone ever dealt with this situation before and if so how did you resolve the problem?
    (I tried putting the leftside on first then the rightside but the left still didn't line up correctly).
    A second question on a different part.... once you have the steering rack, rod end in place and bolted down how do you adjust the toe in toe out?

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    I assume you are talking about the A-frame that is hooked up to the De Dion type at its tip, and at its front of the rear wheel arches at its base.

    I don't know what the specs says about these tolerances, but I've always had to use mild violence (light tapping using a plastic head hammer) to get my second base bolt in. I assume that the car is jacked up to equal height in all corners on a flat surface.

    I'd talk to the seller about this before proceeding. If he cannot help you, I'd ask Caterham USA.

    The toe in can be adjusted by disconnecting the tie rod ball joint from the steering arm, which allows you to rotate the outer end of the tie rod. Use a new nyloc when reattaching the ball joint.

    /Magnus F.


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      Thanks for the help.... it's been an learning experience so far.
      Today a buddy of mine that use to be a mechanic said he would help out....
      The differential was the area of problem, I havent gotten to the next part yet due to frustration.
      Thanks for the input on the steering rack, it helps a lot.