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aeroscreen road-legal in CA?

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  • aeroscreen road-legal in CA?

    I've seen the GG7s superlight, and have heard of others running an aeroscreen on the street in CA, but is it legal? All I could find that seemed relevant at was this:

    SECTION 26700-26712
    26700. (a) Except as provided in subdivision (b), a passenger
    vehicle, other than a motorcycle, and every bus, motortruck or truck
    tractor, and every firetruck, fire engine or other fire apparatus,
    whether publicly or privately owned, shall be equipped with an
    adequate windshield.
    (b) Subdivision (a) does not apply to any vehicle issued
    identification plates pursuant to Section 5004 which was not required
    to be equipped with a windshield at the time it was first sold or
    registered under the laws of this state, another state, or foreign

    Is it the "...or foreign jurisdiction" part that makes it legal? If so, doesn't it still need to have "...identification plates pursuant to Section 5004"?
    - Sean

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    I'm not a lawyer, so this is really my own personal opinion. I think it ties in with the laws about wearing a helmet (which you are not allowed to do). Since the windscreen is supposed to provide adaquate protection for the passengers of the vehicle, there is no - normal - reason to have to wear a helmet. I've often thought about wearing a helmet while driving on the freeway, but I'm sure the cop would argue that my windscreen should be providing the protection from flying rocks.

    I don't see a loop-hole here, like there is in the law about wearing ear-plugs. In that provision is states that you are not allowed to wear headphones of any kind and are not allowed to wear ear plugs - unless - not doing so would cause damage to your hearing, which I can assure you would happen in a Seven.
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      I've been driving with Brooklands for over two years and never been stopped. Except once when the officer wanted to know what kind of car it was.

      M. Bedard has been running Brooklands even longer.



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        Did you originally register the car in CA with the Brooklands?




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          No, I had the full windscreen on when first registered.

          When I registered under SB100 I did take it to the CHP, but they were only supposed to verify or assign a VIN number. I was told it was not a safety inspection.

          The DMV never looked at the car. The only other agency to see the car was the smog referee. As far as I know they just test for emissions, even though it is exempt.



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            I've been using an aeroscreen on the street for a few months now, often with a helmet. The cops have never bothered me so far.

            /Magnus F.