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2.0L Duratec dyno results

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  • 2.0L Duratec dyno results

    I took my car to a dyno facility yesterday to double check my work and fine tune the fueling at full throttle. It turns out that you can get pretty close using a wideband O2 and Emerald's data logging function, but I still picked up 5lb/ft of torque and 7hp (I was runing a bit rich at most of the speed sites). The graph below shows the power & torque at the rear wheels as measured on a Mustang dynamometer, so it is obviously off from what is seen at the crank, but the shape of the torque curve should be pretty accurate. The engine is a 2.0L Duratec with stock internals, most of Raceline's bolt ons (DTHTB, light flywheel, wet sump, Denso alternator, etc) , a custom 4-2-1 exhaust, Raceco 6.25" silencer, and larger injectors. There are a couple of dips in the torque curve that the dyno operator felt could be smoothed out by increasing the timing a couple of degrees, but I was running out of time, so we called it good and left that alone. BTW I think my sequential shift lights were causing the operator to lift a little prematurely, which would explain the dramatic drop off after 6600rpm. The engine certainly doesn't feel like it is giving up at that stage.

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    2.0L Duratec
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