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2 bad CV boots

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  • 2 bad CV boots

    I have now 2 torn CV boots and am wondering about sourcing and replacement of same. I suppose it shouldn't be too hard, but thought I would check with youse guys. Maybe I can gusset my diff mount at the same time.

    AX's are going well for me, on A032's, but still below the best of DM class. Pulling 1.24 G's max on a G Tech Pro unit and even up with the 9"Hoosier shod CSP Miatas and MR-S.
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    CV boots

    I too had a torn CV boot some time back and looked into the options. I think it was defective from the factory. Too thin in one spot.

    One contact at Caterham (UK or USA I don't recall) recommeded replacing the entire shaft. ~$500.00.

    As I found the tear before any damage had occured I was reluctant to part with the cash and looked into alternatives.

    You can get a kit for the Ford Sierra that includes a new can. Caterham may sell this but I found it from an online UK parts store. I believe this requires a special tool to install the can. A lot more work than I wanted to undertake for a stupid torn boot.

    I found a Dorman Uni-Fit boot number 614-001 that fits fine.

    This boot will stretch over the CV Joint. It is supposed to require a special tool for this ~$100.00 I made my own from a $3.00 tapered funnel.

    Use plenty of silicon spray to lube things up. Trim to fit after installation.

    So for about $20.00 and a skinned knuckle or two ( things slip when it finally goes on) I solved the problem.

    It's been on for about 10,000 miles. Much longer than the original with no problems.

    I don't like the split boots but they may work OK too.

    Email if you have any questions.

    The same part number should fit both inner and outer. So far I've only done an inner.