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  • Turbocharger for Carerham

    Hello, The Caterham is new to me and it was just a few weeks ago that i found out that the SVT Focus and Zetec engine came in these cars as well as the Duratec engine all from the Focus

    I build custom turbo kits for the Focus engins and have most of the most powerfull Foci around with my ZX3 doing58HP at the weels and 11.88 at 123 MPH in the 1/4 with DOT tires and street legal and my SVT doing 12.99 @ 111 with the all stock engine and DOT tires both are inspected and daily drivers

    We do everything from stock engines to 2.3L Zetec and SVT engines and soon to do 2.5L Dura egines

    We at have 100% controle over the stock ECU and have been 1 step ahead of the competition sence 2000 wih the Focus

    We offer a VCT Elim for those that want to loose the VCT and go to 2 Adj cam gears and we have one of the best SVT tunes with our custom tuned Diablo Predator , We feel it is so good that we offer a 100% no question asked 5 day money back guarantee

    I would like to find som one on the East coast that is interested in doing a turbo kit that has a stock ECU or the ability to control there own tuning

    We have stock Foci doing 250HP 262TQ at the wheel on 93 and some with our built engines doing 320HP and 330TQ at the wheel also on 93 octane

    I feel i have a lot of knowledge with these engines and am willing to aswer questions to try to help with this car and get into it more , anyone know of a forum on the east coast


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    The general consensus is that a turbo won't fit in the cramped confines of a Seven's engine bay. Anyway, you will probably generate far more interest (potential customers) in the forum section of
    - Sean


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      I looked into installing a turbo in my Caterham, but opted for a supercharger since there was no way I could fit a turbo without rerouting the steering column.

      The lag from large, high-mass turbos would also be a problem on the track (at least for me) since it would be hard to balance the torque at critical moments (like early apex exits).

      For speed rereference: The Caterham R500 has the current production car world record for 0-100-0 mph at 11.44 seconds, beating the old MacLaren F1 record of 11.5 seconds. 0-60 is usually taken care of in the very low 3s.
      The R500 is considered nice (and light at 1025 lbs), but a bit weak at 230HP. Many of us are beyond that point of tuning in similar cars.

      Please understand that many of us are track oriented (or are heading that way), and that the engine is just one part of a complete package where all components must be balanced.

      My supercharger package, for example, gives the engine very nice characteristics (and about 220-240 hp I haven't put it on a dyno yet), but I am seriously thinking about dumping the entire engine and going naturally aspirated Duratec instead. This would save me approx 60-80 lbs of weight, which in these cars is a *lot*.

      Another example is that we are almost more obsessed with tire selections and suspension setup than we are with engine performance.

      I am sorry if this post is a letdown for you, you have acheived some impressive numbers with fairly stock equipment, but I am not sure that we are the right crowd for you.

      Please note however that I in no way speak for the entire club, and that all of us are eager to expriment with new solutions. I am sure that there is a crazy engineer or two (hello Gert) who is intrigued by your post.

      Let the discussion continue...

      /Magnus F.


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        Sorry, not THAT crazy.... :roll:



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          He already has helped me with an issue for my SVT install.



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            Originally posted by magnusfeuer

            For speed rereference: The Caterham R500 has the current production car world record for 0-100-0 mph at 11.44 seconds, beating the old MacLaren F1 record of 11.5 seconds. 0-60 is usually taken care of in the very low 3s. /Magnus F.
            My car said that it would refuse to start if I didn't update this Magnus. Autocar has since gone faster twice in the R500. The latest is down to 10.73 and 3.21 seconds. That was a 250 hp version K motor. The previous 240 hp car did about 11.25.

            There, I've satisfied the beast.


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              magnusfeuer , What you said isnt a let down at all , There are a few like me that can never get enough power reguardless of weight or what you are doing with the car track , road or drag you can never have to much power with a turbo because it is controlable if you want 180 you do 8PSI if you want 300 you do 18psi , its better to have it when you want it than to want it and dont have it

              I dont blame you at all for wanting to take the jrsc off i think it is the worst fi built for the SVT or the ZX3 and the black box is just short of worthless

              A very bad misconception is turbo have a lot of lag and this just isnt the case , My turbo kits are properly sized and when you get to 2600RPM you better be ready to go

              I fully understand that this isnt for everyone , I have been doing this to long to think that , But i have also learned there are other HP/TQ junkies out there like me tha cant get enough 55Chevy 1100Hp , jet boat 1400HP , Focus 518HP and want more speed

              As for the full balanced comment , If you are running in a restricted class than yes there is only so much you can do , If you go to the track for fun than a high HP car with stock suspension stock production tires and a lot of HP will out run about anything out there , I do it at VIR all the time against other race prep Focus and Mustangs and Porscha and run off from them

              It all comes down to what you want and i want HP it makes up for suspension and my lack of driving ability

              I came in here not to sell stuff but to help those that might want more power and i am interested in doing a turbo on one , I have the ability to custom build it , tune it and a in house dynojet to do what is needed to make i run correctly and safe