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Fittment of throttle bodies to Svt zetec

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  • Fittment of throttle bodies to Svt zetec

    Anyone with experience on modifying SVT.Please advise.

    Thanks, Geoff Thornton

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    I'm working on it but not very quickly.

    Check with the Caterham dealer in Northern California, Rocky Mountain Sports cars or Caterham USA.

    I believe they have used the stock intake and stock ECU rather than aftermarket throttle bodies.



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      Methinks that the VCT has a nifty variable intake cam feature, which throws a nasty cureveball @ aftermarket ECUs like most of us are using with our Jenvey & TWM throttlebodies. Can anyone offer a "known" solution?

      If I am incorrect in this variable cam hypothesis do not hesitate to point out the idiotic nature of my non-logic!

      Geoff: Where are you? CA, hopefully.


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        Re: Fittment of throttle bodies to Svt zetec

        Originally posted by Geoff Thornton
        Anyone with experience on modifying SVT.Please advise.

        Thanks, Geoff Thornton
        A new engine now sitting in the shop at Golden Gate Sevens is said to be a 230 bhp version of the SVT. I don't know the details.


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          SVT mods

          Thanks for your suggestions. E-mailed GG SEvens & got reply: SVT with cam upgrade from Rocky Mnt Sports cars all else stock. RMSCI claims 220 hp with these cams, but I think it's closer to 190-200. Stock motor produces 170. Add maybe 10 for header & 20 for cams. I think you will need throttles or ? to go higher. I'm start to think the variable intake cam will be the issue as ( up to now) no one has manufactured cam blanks, so re-grinds only are available. The SVT head has bigger ports & intake valves, but exhaust side is stock Zetec, as I'm told. Maybe none-SVT is the way to go as many proformance parts are available for standard Zetec.
          Any other ideas? Thanks, Geoff


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            Ford Racing offers a zetec head with bigger valves for about $895.

            Focus Central in Tehachapi may also offer something useful.

            Is the motor going into a 7?


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              SVT throttle bodies

              Currently loking @ modifing TWM manifold to SVT . Hope to make this work. If we delete VCT , any ideas on ECU's for 230- 250hp?


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                See the posts under 'Turbocharger for Caterham'

                I spoke to Tom today and he seem quite knowledgeable about the Focus SVT engine.

                He has info on how to program the Stock ECU and a kit to lock the intake cam so you can use a much less expensive ECU.

                The route I will probalby go to for now.

                My current plan is to use Jenvey's. I have a Weber manifold that had plenty of wall thickness to make it match the ports on the SVT head.

                Tom may have even better ideas and was quite willing to share information.



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                  SVT program

                  Thanks, Doug. Is your Weber manifold for a standard Zetec? What is price comparison between TWM & Jenvey? Finally, Where do you buy Jenveys?



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                    What part of the country do you live in? I'm in Ventura County CA.

                    I used a Weber Manifold for a standard Zetec and just removed material to line up with the SVT ports. SVT intake ports are 20 to 25% larger than standard Zetec.

                    The manifold I used has plenty of material to do this. I needed to move the mounting holes around a bit to get it all lined up. Not really a problem if you are into making metal chips.

                    I bought my Jenveys (45 mm) from the UK. When the dollar was much stronger. At the time the Jenveys were about 1/2 the price of the TWM. Some opinions are that the TWM 50 mm are too large but I'm not the expert.

                    There are some TWMs for sale on the list but as I already have the Jenveys, I going to try them first.

                    I may have gotten the throttle position sensor from TWM.

                    Jenvey Dynamics design, develop and manufacture fuel injection (EFI) throttle bodies (ITB) and induction systems for all levels of motorsport.

                    They have manifolds for the Zetec but I found what may be another brand for less than they sell theirs for.

                    You might try Pierce Manifolds. They sell Webers and the Jenvey is a direct Weber replacement.

                    Hope this helps.



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                      Woody Harris @ MSI Motorsport in Vacaville, CA is getting 5 sets imminently soon. I think that the base cost is around $800 or so---not sure on that. When you add an airbox, injectors, and all the other paraphernalia that you need it should be around $1600.

                      I'm using Jenveys and give them a big thumbs up! Hundreds of 7ers in the UK are using them and, to me, that makes Jenvey a "proven system". No other system has anywhere near that many on the road being used by 7s. My theory was to not try to re-invent the wheel, rather to utilize what was known to work. 8)


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                        SVT saga

                        Doug: One concern is the angle of the manifold coming off the head and the way the air cleaner will come through the hood on a series 3 car. I've been told the TWM manifold may be too close to the louvers. Having a straight shot into the head is good for HP but will it fit without buggering up the hood.Is your manifold an injected or carb type? How's your Weber manifold going to work? Thanks, Geoff (FLA.)


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                          The Weber type manifold is angled and the Jenvey TBs attached to it stick out horizontally. The TWMs stick out at an upward angle of about 30 degrees, I think. An individual could prefer either look.

                          Which system works best and why seems to be a matter of some conjecture.


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                            I've not installed it yet but as Roll A 7 says, many 7 owners have.

                            The manifold is for either carb or injected. The Jenveys I have are designed to fit on the same manifold as Webers.

                            I'll need to make a cutout on the bonnet just above where the bonnet meets the frame.

                            Gert ( slomove) has just done a conversion from Webers to Jenveys.

                            See his photo under the Event section - San Diego/Mt. Palomar blat on Saturday June 25

                            Here is a website that shows how the Jenveys fit on a Zetec. Not an SVT but it should be the same.

                            See his Crossflow to Zetec conversion page.

                            Lumenitions are made by Jenvey.



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                              Agree, I found no problem with the fit. Where the Webers with K&N filters used to go there are now the Jenveys with the ITG filters on the same manifold. Actually the K&N before as well as the new ITG are rubbing a little on the bonnet cutout front/bottom but nothing to worry about. It is mainly due to the soft engine mount on my car that allows the motor to move quite a bit.

                              Mind though, this is for a Birkin S3. The Caterham bonnet cutout might be slightly different. 1/2" more forward or aft can obviously cause some difficulties.