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Fittment of throttle bodies to Svt zetec

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    "Currently loking @ modifing TWM manifold to SVT . Hope to make this work. If we delete VCT , any ideas on ECU's for 230- 250hp?"

    Geoff, I got theZetec TWM manifold in last week and see no reason i cannot get it to fit the SVT head.I will do the rough in and final plan changes this week and should have a finished product in a week or two



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      SVT etc.

      Great info guy's! Thanks. Look's like It's just figuring out which manifold will work with the bonnet best. I've heard the TWM may produce more hp., but because of the straight shot into the head may be too close to the louvres for a clean cut out. One other item: Will the cross brace fit on the passenger side engine compartment under throttle bodies and what is this about a notch-out for the alternator on the chassis tubes?? If the alternator is down sized is this necessary? My kit is scheduled for build at the end of July. Thanks again, Geoff.


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        I believe the notch is to allow for the stock intake manifold.

        I'll check and get back to you, also post a picture when I can.

        I don't know about the cross brace, it is made removable on my car.

        It will not fit with the stock Zetec Intake.



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          Why do you think that TWM produces more HP? I've never heard that before.

          I originally had TWM on my zetec and switched to Jenvey. Never heard of anyone switching the other way...


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            SVT ,etc.

            Twm has a straight shot into the combustion chamber that could produce some additional hp in a well developed motor according to a few engine builders I have talked to. I am thinking about 12: 1 compression with larger valves etc. so this may be of some benfit with 50 mm. bores. Also am hoping that because of the higher angle at the head there will be more clearance to fit the chassis brace. Anyway, that's the hope.

            Tom: thanks for the help, keep me posted on the TWM manifold.


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              TWM Intake for the SVT is finished and port matched and looks very nice

              If there is an angle that needs to be changed with lowering or raising this can be done also