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Michael Murphy: Wuz dat chu??

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  • Michael Murphy: Wuz dat chu??

    A friend in Manhattan Beach last week reported sighting a BRG 7 with a brushed ali bonnet, RHD and a beautiful wind-blown babe as passenger. Was that your car?? We're very nosy about everyone's ride :!: 8)

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    Not me - but I saw the same car. It was like seeing a unicorn.


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      And you had to have one :idea: :!: 8)


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        Michael: If ever you run across that guy again please direct him to our website. We're always looking for the cars in CA that we ain't found, YET. This guy might like to join us for a blat or track time or a cerveza. And I'm hoping to make your acquaintance @ the Streets of Willow event in April. This is the perfect venue for you to start finding what your 7 can really do :!: Brad


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          I will certainly encourage any seven owner I meet to join this web site.

          I don't have any plans for April. I think Button Willow is the next Alfa Club event. I did have a great run at Willow Springs in February. Got some good track times and, if an instructor with a peanut for a brain had not spun my car into the weeds at 80 mph, I would have made it home without any damage. Cheers.