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A arm down

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  • A arm down

    So, Magnus,

    I think someone should put a vice grip on that rear A-arm bush and see if it's bound. The Brits seem to think that the front went 1st (and I think they are probably right). But still, if that joint wasn't flexin then the arm would have been taking all the stress, eventually failing in the manner that shows from the photo.

    Wouldn't the stress in the arms induced from braking be the same? Or really close to the same?
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    I don't really know what I should think....the rusted split line of the front is so suspicious. Bu then, I am pretty sure if the front would have split first the rear tube would have bent/buckled first and not had such a clean snap. Except if it was embrittled by the welding process.

    It may be worthwhile to check here