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So what exactly is a "blat"?

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  • So what exactly is a "blat"?

    This last Saturday I did a nice drive in my Birkin with two members of our local British car club, both in well restored Austin Healy's. We took the desert route through Lucerne Valley from Victorville, up to Big Bear then down through Oak Glen, ate lunch in Beaumont, them drove back to Victorville. I was a little concerned about going up to Big Bear with all the snow and skiers, but the roads were clear, just some runoff and cinders in some places, and the skiers must have already been on the slopes as traffic was light.

    Anyway, at lunch I mentioned that this "blat" had turned out better than I expected, and the other two guys had no idea what I meant by "blat". So is this a term only used in conjunction with Se7ens? Also, is the term reserved for more of a "spirited" drive than a casual tour?

    Finally, whose Caterham had the front wishbone failure that Magnus posted pics of in the Album section? :shock:


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    An excellent liguistic discussion this subject here.



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      From Websters on-line:

      Main Entry: blat
      Pronunciation: 'blat
      Function: verb
      Inflected Form(s): blatآ·ted; blatآ·ting
      Etymology: perhaps alteration of bleat
      intransitive senses
      1 : to cry like a calf or sheep : BLEAT
      2 a : to make a raucous noise b : BLAB
      transitive senses : to utter loudly or foolishly : BLURT
      - blat noun

      That kind of pisses me off. They forgot the , er, infected noun form 'blatter'. WTF?

      I believe the owner of the now-broken SV prefers to remain anonymous for now, at least I think that's what Magnus has written on brit chit.

      Whoever he is, he has been both unlucky and very, very lucky on the same day. All in all, I'd say he's ahead. Magnus too.
      A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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        The owner, Ken, is quite cool with the whole situation.

        The car is currently at a local shop in Costa Mesa, awaiting further development.

        Both Ken and I was very lucky indeed, since we had both been using the car on the highway just prior to the failure. If the collapse had occured there, there would probably have been injuries.

        /Magnus F.