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    Just received this email
    Hi Rob,

    Bought titles are illegal...its a scam that people run and it seems like it might work but DMV is very aware that its being done. So if you took one of these titles in, it is a huge red flag and can get you investigated. Its a total pain to deal with. Also, sometimes these titles cost hundreds of dollars and for that you can probably get it done the legal way. So you don't have to worry.

    I would need to know a few things about your vehicle.
    If you have an MSO ( the birth certificate of the vehicle)? or a registration, then we could get you a title only. But every car is so different that we would need the vin on the car and for you to fax anything you have from the car to us. (714) 279-0242. If you don't have anything on the car, the worse case scenario is that you might need a bond. Whatever avenue we take, we can probably get a title.

    Our cost 200.00 to get a title (if it can be done) plus whatever the DMV charges would be.

    If I can be of further assistance, Please let me know.

    Cherie Fowler

    The company is called
    (714) 269 -0854
    [email protected]

    Just wondering if anyone had any opinions
    All I have is the VIN.

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    In your position I would contact RMSCI and especially Caterham UK to get an MSO. They made the kit and should be able to provide it! I can't believe that you would be the first person to make such a request. Good luck!!!


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      When I went to do my licensing Autocourse hadn't given me my 'Certificate of Origin' that is required when starting the SB100 process. So the DMV told me that I would be required to provide a bond while the process was underway. I got my CofO sent post haste, direct from CC.

      Uh, what was the impetus that started this thread?
      A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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        Need to start thinking again about registering it down here.