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Plans for the club and the website.

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  • Plans for the club and the website.

    Fellow blatters.

    To my great delight, people have started signing up on this forum.

    Brad and I are about to setup a club-founding meeting in a few weeks time where we will formalize the club and get going on a number of projects.

    A better site will probably arrive within the next month or two.

    Feel free to use this forum as much as you want. If you want additional stuff setup, or an email address, please drop me a note.

    Please mail me pictures of you and/or your cars, and I'll start on a gallery.

    If you have technical documentation or other resources you want to share, mail them to me as well. I will start off by uploading a word document containing a step by step manual on how to register a kit car with the DMV in California.

    Take care and happy blatting!

    /Magnus F.
    [email protected]

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    Hello magnus

    I'm living in a Belgium, you can get pictures of my 1.6K SS on my website.
    Good luck with your forum 8)