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  • Slicks

    I'm used to having to run a DOT legal tire, but now that I'm in D-Mod, it turns out I can run slicks.

    Is there a local source for slicks, preferrably Hoosiers? What compounds are best for 1) autox and 2) track? Can someone recommend a local shop for mounting and balancing, that will not destroy my rims?

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    Thwagmostar: You could also run in the SU class where I run. This class permits any street legal tire and is open to just about any car. If you are going to run slicks you should speak with Dave L. Also, consider whether the torque characteristics of a BEC will suit super wide slicks like Dave runs. There has been some talk in recent years on BC about "too much tire" on BECs, I seem to recollect. I think you would have more fun and be more competitive in SU. Nobody ever beats Dave in DM, except one gent in Dave's own car one time.

    If you are going to run slicks you will end up mail ordering them. Depending upon your rims Discount Tire may be OK. If they are specialty rims then Lutz Tire is the spot.

    Looking forward to seeing your car up close!! 8)


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      Try They're in Northern California, but may be able to refer you to a shop nearer Solana Beach. I would think there would be one nearer to you, as there are almost certainly some racing folks living in the Del Mar area.
      - Sean


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        I ordered some tyres (English english - ha!) from Roger recently. Friendly, knowledgeable, prompt, everything in order. Tires (Murican english) arrived in 2 days time. No different than using imo.

        He told me he's having a bitch of a time getting the Avon CR500s.
        A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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          I got a set of these:

          from, and they gave me very good lap times at willow springs, which Brad can attest to.

          As an added bonus they are street legal, although I am not sure my local CHP officer would agree.

          BTW: I will be in Sweden for the rest of January, therefore my presence at this website (and local events) will be limited. We are moving our latest GSM (cell phone) project through test and I will be hammered with work.

          /Magnus F.


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            Those Kumhos only go down to a 15. If you're running 13s the choices will get a little slimmer.
            A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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              Kumho also provides 13" tires in the Ecsta V700 and the Victoracer V700 which are DOT legal and good for autocross/track use. This gives a few good options for front and rear combinations. The new V700 is likely to be the fastest tire and is supposed to be offered in at least one 13" size this year.

              Kumho is entering Formula One in 2007 so is likely to be providing more performance tires in the future for us guys that like to run 'em off! 8)


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                Thanks for all the info.

                In the hopes to some day get close to Dave's autox times, I'm going to go with his tire setup... four Hoosier 43190's (20x9.5x13) using R25A compound. They'll be too sticky for track. Unfortunately, my 13" rims will need a spacer or new centers to run this tire. I plan on going to Nationals one of these years, so I'm going to stay with DM. The one thing that could make me change though, is that my car weighs 1060lbs, and that's with a heater, windscreen, and full tank of gas. I'll have to add some lead to get to minimum weight, as I don't see a cage and turbo being enough. My turbo plans are on temporary hold (sigh), but I plan on over 175ftlbs when it's in, so I'm confident that the wide slicks won't be too much. I'll find out at the next event!

                I've got Kumho Ecsta V700's on my 15's for street/track use. I've run Kumho tires for years, but don't recommend these. I had A3S03's on before I got the Kumho's, which felt more in control at the limit. The Kumho's also require a longer warm up. Haven't tried the V710's yet.