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Da next Zetec step.

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  • Da next Zetec step.


    I've ordered a new pulley for my supercharger (2.6" vs the old 3.0"), to get some more boost from it (4.5 psi today), and I am slowly starting to shift focus to the other end of the equation.

    My exhaust system is not only big, restricting and heavy, it also has a catalytic converter. Now that this dark secret is out in the open, I will be laughed out of all future events.

    Does anyone have a suggestion for something lighter, smaller and non-catalytic with a side pipe?

    /Magnus F.

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    I really like my Raceco 6.25" titanium silencer. It's a little pricey given the weak dollar, but it is very well made and quite light. They also have a 7.25" version if you need additional noise reduction.

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      Magnus, you are probably not going to take advice from me. As you found out first hand my car is LOUD. Anyway, if you want to instill fear in the heart of your neighbors :twisted: and like to set off car alarms just driving by get the Magnaflow stainless bullet muffler (I have a 4" dia x 31" model). Very inexpensive and looks good. Believe it or not without the car is even louder.

      Actually I am just waiting to get pulled over sometimes and sent to a referee. Then I will probably get the Raceco anyway :roll:



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        I've never lived in a place with noise restrictions before... at least where they enforced them. After my turbo upgrade, if I need to quiet down, I'll probably use a SuperTrapp ( There's surprisingly little info on their site. I have't looked into them for a number of years. They've definitely made them look nicer, probably for the Honda crowd. They are VERY easy to tune. I have the motorcycle version on my bike. You could just take the end cap off at the track, or add some discs.

        Scott Rushworth


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          Magnus: Straight pipes!

          Scot: Our friend Dave did some dyno work with a SuperTrap on and off the car. You might ask him about the results. He no longer uses one...


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            I was wondering to install the SuperTrapps but I read that many people use them just as a band-aid to make the track noise limits if they absolutely have to. At the end they are only glorified exhaust chokes that create quite some back pressure and steal power. There is probably no point in using a turbo to pump in more air and not letting it out again, me thinks.



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              If the goal is to achieve a specific sound level, I can't imagine any exhaust that could be less restrictive than a SuperTrapp. Straight pipes are going to be best, but then we're back to being over noise limits. I'll need to check with David to see what he found.

              I'm hoping that the turbo itself will be enough to keep the Busa at race legal limits. Years ago I put a straight pipe on my Esprit, but it still had the CAT. It's a bit loud with WOT, but quite streetable. Very coincidentally, I noticed some serious rattling yesterday and cut out the CAT earlier this evening!



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                I saw an ad in Grasroots Motorsports magazine for a 7 specific muffler. They are a good company, so it might be worth a look.


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                  Seems like Raceco has been well received. I'll give them a call Monday and check that my header flange will fit. I have my 4-1 collector as a part of the muffler system, not the header.

                  No pulley yet. Although I do have a set of larger injectors that I will definetly need since I am now maxing out the stock (crappy) ones currently installed.

                  /Magnus F.


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                    The Catalytic section

                    The catalytic section of the Zetec muffler is located in about the first eight inches of the muffler, and can be cut out and the remaining muffler can be welded back together. I did not even know I had a catalytic converter until this week when my car was on a dynamometer at MSI Motorsport and they notice that things were getting very hot.

                    I should get my car back this coming weekend with the engine maps tuned and the catalytic section of the muffler gone. I will report on the progress if anyone is interested. I also have photos.
                    Rod Swanson


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                      Raceco is run by Ammo, from blatchat, an early and Enthusiastic Adopter of the Duratec. Looks like "a nice bit of kit" in English parlance.
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                        Rod, please report on your progress and show us the pics!


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                          Lose Pounds Now…Ask me how.

                          The muffler is back on- sans catalytic converter. With the cover on it would be hard to tell that anything changed, except I had it converted to side exit exhaust. (The rear exit exhaust pipe was causing most of my scraping incidents).The Catalytic converter weighed 5 lbs 11 oz, and the extra length of tail pipe was 4 lbs 7 oz.

                          The car will go back on the dyno tomorrow. I will report if there is any HP difference.

                          I have pictures and I can send them to anyone who wants to post them. (Or can someone tell me how?)
                          Rod Swanson


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                            Supercharger pulley received.


                            I've received my smaller supercharger pulley that should kick up boost a few PSI.

                            Larger injectors are ready to be installed as well.

                            This weekend I may dump everything in there and tweak my map by retarding the ignition to compensate for the higher compression and adjusting the fuel level.

                            After that, I'll look into mufflers some more.


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                              Magnus, I'm following what you're doing with much anticipation! Did you ever post the photos that you mentioned about 1/2 way down in this thread?

                              I realize that there are upload space limitations here, so I understand.

                              I'm somewhat familiar with Eaton blowers, and will be pulling mine off (MINI) in a couple weeks to get it ported & polished. Apparently this can net me a couple or so more pounds of boost, not to mention a cooler charge. If you have not done that, it's something worth considering...

                              What's an SV? It was said that the Eaton might not fit in a standard chassis, but in your SV it does... I'm very much Caterham challenged :lol:

                              Will the Eatorn SC also work with the Duratec? Also, if you don't mind me going a bit OT, it appears that the Zetec puts the exhaust on the driver's side (US), and the Duratec on the US passenger side. Is that accurate?

                              Lastly, SuperTrapps were mentioned above as being not restrictive. I have one on my dune buggy - for two reasons: 1) noise reduction and 2) for it's spark-arrester abilities. Quite a few in the MINI community have tried them, and for making hp, they are too restrictive, even with the max number of discs in place. This has been proven in mulitple back-to-back dyno runs, G-Tech readings, and track times. Forcing the exhaust gases out of those small slits, and at right angles to the flow does not aid in achieving high output. Now, with that said, since back-pressure can be dialed-in, torque can be had. Some of the MINI guys doing auto-x, where torque is ofen more valuable than max hp, prefer the the ST. A turbo muffler (golf in, golf ball out style), such as a Borla, has continually yielded more top-end power. Just had to chime-in on that :wink: