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SPCNS Title in California

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    It's been a year and I'm still waiting for an appointment with a smog referee from the BAR. My car is 20 years old was purchased out of state. BAR says it doesn't qualify for SB100. Car was built from a kit in 2000 and was first registered in Alabama and then Texas before I bought it. I'm on my fourth temporary registration. There seems to be a problem because of Superformance building complete Cobras and registering them under SB100. Air resources board getting involved. Waiting for all that to be settled.


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      More updates HERE. The short story is that the BAR appears to be denying all new Caterham attempts to register under the Specially Constructed Vehicle exemption. The link provided has more current information than this site.


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        It would be interesting to see if somebody out there had recently:
        • purchased the chassis/kit from Caterham without drivetrain
        • sourced the engine independently from an unrelated entity, preferably in the USA
        • sourced the gearbox independently from the likes of BGH, SPC, Burton, or similar
        The above is the classic, textbook intent of the original "SB100" process as it would be applied to a Caterham 7. It appears the CARB may have recently tried to stop all Caterhams based on so many attempts not fully qualifying for the regulations as they interpret them? If so, would be interesting to see if a 100% by-the-book Caterham registration as described above would be approved or denied. Don't see how that could be rightfully denied, and just one recent approval could go a long way toward re-establishing what is/is not kosher.

        I wonder if SEMA knows about this? Seems like the kind of thing that would be right up their alley.

        | | Sean


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          At least some of the persons being denied have photos of the build process and receipts. We'll have to see if this gets resolved.


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            The word is that CARB who has been holding up SPCNS registrations has just backed off and the normal SB100 process should be back on track.
            Some 50 SPCNS cars (including Cobras, Caterhams) have been stalled because of CARB’s unilateral and inappropriate actions.
            Hopefully we’ll now see the registrations being allowed to go forward again as they have been for the last 20 years.


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              That'll be good news, then! Fingers crossed that the powers that be at CARB can get back to applying the relevant sections of the law as they were written and intended.
              | | Sean