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  • Battery mounting

    Can someone send me some jpgs of their battery mount. Preferably with no heater box. I want to get rid of the box and relocate the battery from underneath the damn carbs.
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    I'd be interested in this too. Would it be possible to post pics here? Thanks.


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      This guy's site has some good shots of the Hawker battery installed (NOTE: Hawker manufactured battery is sold re-branded as various brands). It is one of those light-weight, spill-proof (spill-resistant, probably) batteries that can reportedly be mounted in any position, except upside-down.
      - Sean


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        another site

        Tony has some pics on his site too

        Tom "ELV15" Jones


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          We recently put one of these in Michael Murphy's car. The PC 680, it comes with it's own metal box.

          I have the PC 535 but sometimes when the starter is hot it has a bit of trouble turning the engine over. My starter is under the headers.

          Perhaps Michael can send a photo of his installation.

          I'll send you a photo of mine as soon as I can.



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            I got the PC625, mounted like this:

            There are 4 pieces of 3/4" aluminum angle profiles riveted to the footwell "roof" and a cushioned aluminum strap (1" by 1/8" ) to hold the battery down. I might have laid the battery flat but it did not occur to me when I installed it. Does not really matter, anyway.

            I never had trouble starting, although sometimes the starter gets stuck at the first attempt for a reason I don't know. The second attempt gets it always going.



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              Geez, Gert. Pretty shiny stuff there!
              A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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                Oh, that's just part of my "keep the feet cool" effort. I got a yard of that aluminized bubble stuff at the hardware store for five bucks or so. Can be cut with scissors and I stuck it on with a few patches of aluminum foil duct tape. Nice thing it's not permanent. If I need to I can rip it out in 15 seconds.

                Besides the footwells it also keeps under-dash temperatures within reason. I was always concerned that my Emerald ECU was almost too hot to touch.



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                  Gert is trying to mislead us!

                  It is his tinfoil protection chamber. He sleeps in there at night to keep the evil Chapman voice out of his head.

                  /Magnus F.