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enclosed trailer rental?

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  • enclosed trailer rental?

    I am looking to rent an enclosed car trailer for the first week or so of January (3-8). I need to get my Birkin over to Tom Carlin's shop in Vail for a couple of days. I have access to an open trailer but given the road condition this time of year and the route, I really need an enclosed one. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Anywhere in the greater LA area.
    Wide-body Birkin, 2.3l Duratec

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    You might look into a 6x12 u haul cargo trailer. You'd need to improvise your own ramps and tie downs.

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      The door width is only 4'10". My rear track is 5'7". If I could finding a set of Miata steel wheels, it just might work.
      Wide-body Birkin, 2.3l Duratec