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    Any recommendations for a reasonably priced paint shop in the SoCal area? I'm near LAX but am willing to drive as far as Bakersfield to get a decent price. Four fenders and the nose, single color, no metallic.

    Wide-body Birkin, 2.3l Duratec

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    I went to Joe's Auto Body and Paint on Lower Azusa in Rosemead. They did the nose and four wings/fenders (including significant crack laminating/patching) for $800 some 6 or 7 years ago. They were recommended because specialized on Corvette FRP bodies.
    I did not shop around and don't know if that was expensive or not but they did a good job. I did remove the parts so there was no masking involved. After the paint cured I covered all with ClearBra so I don't really know if the paint would have chipped in the open.


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      That is about what I think it should cost. These pieces are already block sanded and ready for prime. Has the Clear Bra held up well?
      Wide-body Birkin, 2.3l Duratec


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        Originally posted by Papak View Post
        ......... Has the Clear Bra held up well?
        Not really. I have now areas that are quite rough and a few spots where rocks made small V-tears. However, I suspect that is better than having the paint all dinged up. At some point I will have to pull the ClearBra (actually a "competitor" but since they are all owned by 3M probably just the same) and install a new film. But next time I will have than done by a pro. Last time I did it myself and that is not a fun job.