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Broken remote shift "ball joint" broken - how to fix?

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  • Broken remote shift "ball joint" broken - how to fix?

    Hi all, boy do I need your help! On my '92 Caterham with the Ford 1600 cross flow motor (Cortina trans? not sure) I can lift the shifter up and out of the socket it lives in. There is a bunch of yellowish plastic has fallen below the dirve shaft so something went boom! Any suggestions on how I can fix this, or replacement options?

    I attached a picture but it has a big "?" on it instead of the sifter, not sure what I did wrong hope it comes through.
    Thanks, Pat


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    I can't tell what's going on in the photo and I can't compare against mine since I have a triumph remote housing.

    I do understand the yellow plastic caps do tend to fail on the cortina remote housings. See here for replacement aluminum unit: