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  • Avon CR500 tires

    I wonder how long you all get Avon CR500 tires to last. I've got about 6000 miles, the fronts have close to zero tread left and the rears have more, but below legal limit for road driving.

    I bought a new set, but before I put them on, I also wonder if anyone else drives on slick cr500 and if they have had any police issues.

    Are there any recommended 15/145 tires besides avon?

    No rush, my 7 is laid up for the winter and there's 3' of snow in the driveway.


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    Best to get some tires with legal tread on them. The police issues would come if you have an accident or get inspected.

    When my AO32s got too worn and hard the car started to understeer badly. I am currently using Falken Azenis RT615K. OK for the price but not up to Avons or Toyos.

    My AO32s did not last any longer than 6000 miles.

    Note: If anyone gets the 615K be sure it is the 'K' version. When I ordered mine, three were the K and one wasn't. This was a couple of years ago and they may have run out of the non K versions by now. There is a difference.
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      Originally posted by FerneyO View Post
      Are there any recommended 15/145 tires besides avon?
      Are you sure about that size? 145 is quite a slim tire!
      I suspect you meant 195/45-15. If so, Toyo has some good offerings like the RA1 in a 205/50-15, which has a UTQG tread life indicator of 100, as compared to the 20 rating of the CR500.

      I have not used either of these. So far, I have used Yokohama A048 and Toyo R888 only.
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