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Differential Leak

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  • Differential Leak

    Hi all, the divers side differential is gumming up the drum break. Discovered it when I topped off the differential fluid until it drains to a certain level left in the case... Bought the car this way. Guessing it's a Quaife but not sure. Anyone deal with this before? Referral for So Cal to fix it? Thx, Rex

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    I'll take a stab - Do you know what axle you have? Ital? Sierra? English?

    Did you fill the differential to the right level and not too high?

    It sounds like the seal has failed obviously - and you'll probably need a new bearing. (probably want to replace the oil-soaked shoes while you're there)


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      I visited the other day and spoke to the original owner.

      Axle is from a 1971 Cortina Station Wagon.