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  • Sources for 13" tires

    Greetings from Michigan!

    At some point in the future I'm going to be looking to replace the standard Michelins (MXTs?) on my Classic with something a little stickier.

    I'd like to stay with 13" and 60 or 70 series tires, but there really appears to be a dearth of available 13" performance tires here, at least as far as I can see.

    Most of the tire manufacturers don't even list 13" sizes on their US websites. Are there sources I'm not aware of, or can they be special ordered from overseas suppliers for reasonable cost?

    I've read consistently good things about Yoko A021's as an all around tire on Blatchat, so those are near the top of my list if I can find some. But these don't even appear on I think I read somewhere that A021's in a 185-13 or something were the approved rain tire for the Spec Racer Ford series, so there are at least some coming into this country. Anyone know where the racers might get them from?

    Thanks in advance for any insight you all can provide.


  • #2 is a good place to start. Roger Kraus offers Avon in 13" sizes. He can be found on the internet. Kumho is also worth a look for performance tires. Toyo also offers a size or two. And that's just about all of 'em. Good luck :!: 8)


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      Hi, Dave here again (login issues earlier).

      Thanks for the tip on Roger Kraus

      I've looked at TireRack (happy customer in the past for my regular car). About all they have in 13" are the Kumhos. I know next to nothing about Kumhos. Anyone actually running them on a Seven?

      Very annoying that many tires in these sizes that are relatively popular overseas are basically not available here.


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        Dave, It's best to call Tire Rack and speak with a live body. They offer yokohoma AO32s in some of their adverts and others may be available, although not shown in their adverts. Kumho are very good high perf tires, but high mileage may not be their forte. Ask the guys @ TR. 8)


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          I've on my second set of Kumhos, and can warmly recommend them.

          I started off with a set of V700 Victoracers, and moved on to V710 ECSTA slicks. Both work like a charm and are highly competitive in comparison with similar cars with other tires.

          Street legal too, for some obscure reason.

          /Magnus F.


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            My two cents;
            aggressive street and light to medium track use, go for the 032r's from Tirerack, you won't be disappointed. If you are doing mostly track work go for the Hoosiers R3S03.
            My 032r lasted two (8 month) driving seasons and about half a dozen track days. Rotated them twice in their life. I felt they were well worth the money to have a tire on the road; gave me the confidence to push and the predictability to know when to slow up.