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Tire availability and where to get them

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  • Tire availability and where to get them

    I've got Avon CR500 175/55r13 and 205/55r13 currently. They're not very sticky, might just be old. I'm due for new tires. Replacing them with matching tires looks expensive and challenging, with only three places in the US carrying Avon.

    Street legal alternatives seem to be:
    Yokohama A048 in 175/60r13, 185/60r13, and 205/60r13 in medium and soft compounds at $69/each.
    Toyo R888 in 185/60r13, 205/60r13 at $166/each.

    The bad news is that the A048 price of $69 from says "discontinued".

    What tires do you run, and where did you get them?

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    Search for the thread "Tire(d) of this Topic?" for more answers that you want. Enough said.