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Caster/Camber specs for my '91 needed

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  • Caster/Camber specs for my '91 needed

    Ordered my new Toyo R888 tires today (thanks for your help guys). I have looked in two books I have and have not been able to find the specs for the front suspension set up.

    I have a 1991 with the Ford 1700cc Kent motor. I don't race it, I just putter (well, perhaps a bit faster) around the country roads. Does anyone happen to know the specs for for setting up the front end once I get the new rubber on please?

    Thanks, Pat

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    Download the assembly manual from HERE

    Camber is I believe -1.5آ؛ you can only do آ± one turn.
    Caster us set by washers, see the build manual, I don't remember the specs.
    Toe in, Zero or just a bit out for more turn. Some may do a bit of tow in 1/16" or so.

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      Thank you Doug, I really appreciate it. So nice to have the manual in a PDF so I can use the Adobe search function and zero right in on what I am after!


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        If your car is a low-spec'd crossflow, you may not have any adjustability beyond toe unless it was converted.

        R888 do like a lot of negative camber, but you may not have any ability to adjust...


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          The manual you can download from our site is for the newer versions so may not cover your car.

          I don't know where to get one that covers your vintage car. Email Caterham in the UK and they may be able to help.

          Gwise will know more about the crossflow than I.