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Changing tire size from 185/60/13 to 205/60/13 - is it okay, any issues?

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  • Changing tire size from 185/60/13 to 205/60/13 - is it okay, any issues?

    Hi all, I need new tires. I'm running Toyo R888 185/60/13 tires. I've looked around for good quality tires other than the Toyo's but there really is nothing other than entry level tires, unless you have any suggestions?

    My main question is, I found a great deal on Toyo R888 in the size of 205 instead of 185's locally. Can I go up from 185's to 205's????? I have the room, but not sure if it will change how the car handles etc. I don't drive stupid or fast, nor auto cross etc just sort of putter round the country at a "spirited pace" ;)

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    Check the difference in inflated diameters from Toyo's specs. Also check clearances on the 185s. Turn the wheel to full lock in both directions. Check internal clearances at the rear. I suspect that you will be OK on these.

    You might also investigate 205/55 or 205/50 for availability. These should have inflated diameters closer to the 185s.

    Moving from 185 to 205 is likely to raise the ride height of your car. This will change the handling somewhat. In street driving it may not make much difference and the wider tread should be noticeably more fun, I think.


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      Many thanks, I looked on the Toyo and web sites and neither gives a "inflated diameter" that I could see. I did find rim width range, and I'm okay running the 205's. THought I'd check back and make sure I'm not missing anything before I drop a chunk of money :)


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        Tires direct dot net gives a diameter for them: 21.6" diameter for the 185s and 22.6" diameter for the 205s, so nominally a half-inch change in ride height.
        | | Sean


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          the math gives 21.74 for the 185 and 22.69 for 205




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            Rats, thanks Sean. I misread the reply I thought he meant the inflated width.. duh silly me. An extra 1/2" is great as I almost scrape speed bumps!


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              I put them on my car last month. They fit just fine and are a hoot.