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Hearder and Brake Pad Questions

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  • Hearder and Brake Pad Questions

    I am the original owner of a 1992 Caterham Super Sprint with 1700cc Crossflow engine, 5 speed transmnission and DeDion rear end, long cockpit version. It has been street driven and used in track days, more recently more track days than street travel, it has low mileage, around 12,000 miles last I looked.

    I am just finishing a major rebuild and upgrade to the engine: 45mm Webers, roller rockers, bigger valves, A6 Cam, CP forged pistons (84mm, 11.5:1 CR), SCAT Crank, lightened flywheel, dry sump and Comp 4 to 1 header.

    I have a couple questions now, maybe more later:

    RE: Header The original header was the 'stock' 4 - 2 - 1 header exiting the body on the drivers side. My new header is the Caterham part Comp 4 - 1 header with the collector outside the body. My question, does anyone know how much to enlarge the hole in the body, does the hole center stay concentric or is it offset in any direction? With the engine installed (not currently) fitting the pipes one at a time may not be obvious and enlarging the hole an exact science. Any help here or a way to figure it out.

    RE: Brake Pads The current pads are stock as delivered, any suggestions for a pad more suitable to track use? From what cars (make/model) did Caterham source the calipers from?

    Thanks for all your help and suggestions


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    Hi John,

    I can't help you with the header question.

    I believe the calipers are type 14, which were used on spitfires. The disks should be spitfire as well (same goes for the uprights, for that matter).

    I have the 16's on my lotus which are GT6 based, but The Hawk Blues are a good track compound. They're dusty and noisy for the street, however.

    I've also been a fan of carbotech on previous cars, but I haven't used them on the lotus. I think others have recommended EBC Green stuff as well.


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      John - I use Mintex 1144 pads on the front, and the "standard" pads on the rear. I've been happy with them on the track.

      I've attached a photo of my 4 into 1 coming through the body. Not sure how helpful it is. I'll try to get a better photo this weekend.




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        Originally posted by mont7 View Post
        John - I use Mintex 1144 pads on the front, and the "standard" pads on the rear.
        This set-up seems to be favored by the majority on as well.
        | | Sean