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Raceline Oil filter Mount

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  • Raceline Oil filter Mount

    Anyone know the size of the threaded port adjacent to the filter on a Raceline Oil filter mount?- I wanted to install my oil pressure sending unit in this location

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    Raceline told me it's M12 x 1.5.

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      When I changed everything, or almost everything, I hung onto the oil pressure sensor from the original build, which used the Raceline adapter. The sensor linked back to the Raceline adapter via a braided steel line & fittin... er... fixing. Anyway, while changing to the dry sump I asked SBD, who supplied the MoCal oil filter adapter I'm using now, what theirs was off-the-shelf. They said:

      "It is taped 10x1mm, but it would also be suitable for your 1/8th BSPT as well, since the thread sizes are very close to one another and the picture you sent to me could be either, but it definitely looks tapered."

      So I screwed it into what I had into what they supplied, w/ a bit of Teflon tape. No problems then, no problems now. It's probably 10x1 mm. Maybe stop by a hardware store and pick up one or both of same and see which one threads in best.

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        After looking at brake lines on my Cat, found that the MC is 10mm even though the nut is 7/16 or 11mm. Also was told that 1/8 NPT could be threaded into 3/8 NF or 10mm. One of the differences is 24 threads per inch, 27 threads per inch or 25.4 threads per inch.

        This also means that a 10mm brake line could be used for a mechanical gauge. Also some stores have adaptor brake lines with different threaded nuts.