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Zetec Black Top Weber Intake Manifold on SVT motor?

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  • Zetec Black Top Weber Intake Manifold on SVT motor?

    I have an aftermarket intake manifold for a Zetec blacktop twin cam motor. Does anyone know if it will fit the Zetec SVT motor? Thanks, Dan

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    Short answer is yes it should as I have done it.

    I used an aftermarket Weber / Jenvy intake manifold to install Jenveys on my SVT engine. (looks like the photo) It bolted right up, I might have had to trim parts of the flange a bit but don't recall. I enlarged the intake ports on the manifold to align with the ports on the head. I don't know if this is really necessary but it seemed like a good idea. Not hard if you have some metal cutting skills. I did it with a rotozip type tool and a four flute endmill.

    To enlarge the manifold, mark the head side of the manifold with dykem, paint, or just a marks a lot. Reach in with a sharp scribe bent backwards and scribe lines on the flange. File or cut to the lines. Worked for me. I used the Variable cam timing delete kit to lock the intake cam in place and use adjustable cam gears. You don't need the VCT if you give up the variable intake manifold that comes stock.

    There is someone that still makes the VCT delete kit and I will find the email if you need it.

    I could even tell you where I set my adjustable cam gears but that cost me a lot of experimenting you should not deprive yourself of.

    Note that I also use an aftermarket ECU. If you are using the stock ECU I don't know what is needed.

    I think I used an early Zetec intake manifold gasket, newer ones are just O rings. Start looking at about 1996 check the online catalogs from parts stores. You can also just use RTV. Others have done that but not I. I may have trimmed the gasket to fit the ports too.

    The above setup gives me about 175 HP at the rear wheels per Bisimoto's dyno.

    I also just happen to have a factory fresh SVT engine for sale.

    Where are you located?

    Doug and feel free to call if you need more info. Send me a PM.
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      Thanks for your detailed reply. I have throttle bodies I can use, but I was thinking to use Webers that I had already. I purchased them from someone on this form (I think) that was replacing the Webers with injection. I also got a Gems ignition with the purchase. So that is what I was planning to use initially, unless you think that is a bad idea.



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        Injectors are much easier to tune unless you are a Weber expert or want to become one. I don't know anything about the Gems ignition system so cannot comment.

        I have a Pectel T6 which has the ability to control my VCT but as I said the VCT is locked and not used.

        I think one of the members did use on Webers on a Zetec and went to injectors, perhaps Slomove but I am not sure. Someone that's used both will have better input on the topic than I.

        Are you in Southern California?



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          I used to have Webers DCOE45 on my Zetec (old hydraulic tappet Contour version). It was the newer Spanish 152 variety not the Italian one.

          I never got it right, even after investing in hundreds of buck in jets. It would have been O.K. if I had used the car only for the track. WOT power was not the issue. But getting the idle right and especially the transition is a challenge, even with a wideband lambda meter. I drilled the recommended additional transition holes with moderate improvements. Some other people back then (2004) sent the whole carb to Dunnell in the U.K. who did a secret modification to them for a a few hundred. Other people swapped for equivalent Japanese carbs (forgot the brand), among them Michael Bedard who used to be on this forum for his Cosworth BD engine. I heard that the original Italian Webers were not so problematic.

          I finally got sick of it and converted to injection and never looked back. I sold the carbs on eBay for 600 bucks and bought spacing compatible Jenveys. Conversion was not exactly cheap with TB, pump, filter, regulator, ECU upgrade etc.
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            If you want to use Webers join the Yahoo Group 'sidedraft-central'. Interesting reading.