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Weights zetec vs duratec

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  • Weights zetec vs duratec


    I always hear that the duratec is so much lighter than the zetec. Has anybody weighed both engines as installed in a seven?

    To give some hard numbers, my zetec is 215 lbs ready to be installed with clutch and flywheel minus intake and exhaust manifolds. Raceline told me a while ago that the duratec was 95 kg.; think that was for a long block ready to be installed as well. They didn't feel that there was much difference in engine weights as installed in a seven.

    Be interesting to hear actual numbers as hanging from the engine lift.

    Wayne in San Diego

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    Lots of engine weight info here
    Somebody weighed the 2.3 Duratec there with stock flywheel, clutch and motor mounts only at 235 pounds.


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      I had heard the Duratec was about 40 lbs lighter but we should weigh Chris' car vs a Zetec powered car sometime. We have the scales to do this.


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        I think that info for the engine weight came from Ford brochures and they were comparing "as installed" or pallets weights. Not as installed in our cars.

        It would good to get actual weights, ready to install..


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          Back in the good old days of Blat Chat our cousins did lots of weighing and arguing and such like on the topic. This was in the 2004 - 2006 time frame. The consensus was somewhere in the 40 - 50 pound range. And then there were the discussions about those great big valves.

          Unfortunately, none of that information can be found anymore, lost in a morass.


          Edit: My car came in at somewhere around 1150 in its previous incarnation. This from the weighing session we did at Buttonwillow years ago. Since, I've taken some off but put some back on (12 quarts of oil!). I reckon it's pretty close to where it was then. What isn't close anymore is the power available. I guess I'll have to trot it out someday. Maybe we should start thinking about a Winter Bisi Session... dyno results are waaay more, um, satisfying when the ambient temperature is 60 fahrenheit. :-D
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            From my duratec thread:

            Old Zetec, with heavy supercharger: 310lbs
            New Duratec: 260 lbs
            Note 1: Zetec had a lightweight flywheel, which the Duratec does not.
            Note 2: Duratec has dry sump, which is heavy.

            My guess is that you have 30-40lbs or so in difference between a similarly configured Duratec and Zetec.

            What I can say is that there was a significant improvement in turn in response with the Duratec.

            /Magnus F.


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              Also keep in mind that the 2.3L Duratec is a little heavier than the 2.0L version. Ammo at Raceco previously told me the difference was in the 7-10lbs range.

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