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Which oil filter for a CSR260

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  • Which oil filter for a CSR260

    Can someone tell me the equivalent filter for a UFI 2311800 that came with my CSR260?

    Someone on another board said it was a Napa 1135 but having bought one, that doesn't appear to be accurate (see pics)IMG_0773.jpgIMG_0775.jpgIMG_0774.jpgIMG_0773.jpgIMG_0775.jpgIMG_0774.jpg

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    I don't know what kind of filter adapter is on your engine. If the filter sits sideways, horizontal to the ground and perpendicular to the engine it may be the one made by Raceline.

    So, my best guess, lacking additional information other than what is shown in the photos, is the Bosch 3330. There's a Fram equivalent as well. The Bosch is what I always used before I went dry sump on my 2.0L. To the best of my knowledge there is no difference between the 2.0L and the 2.3L engine in that regard.
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      According to Croc on the CSR forum, the original sized one for the CSR engine is the WIX 51335, which I believe is listed as an equivalent for the NAPA 1335 (not 1135) - maybe there was a typo on the other forum? Still, either of those NAPA part numbers appear to be the larger diameter filter body.

      I run a CSR engine with a Raceline horizontal oil filter mount in a S3 chassis, and use the WIX 51215, which looks to be the same size/fit as your UFI except for being just a bit taller.

      edit -- Just searched for "UFI 2311800" on Google and noticed that Rock Auto has this part available for $4.71 each, in stock now. If it were me, I'd just get a case of 'em - typically 12 in a case - to ease the pain of the shipping cost. So even without a bulk discount it should be $4.71 x 12 = $56.52 plus tax and shipping.
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        Originally posted by Sean View Post

        edit -- Just searched for "UFI 2311800" on Google and noticed that Rock Auto has this part available for $4.71 each, in stock now. I
        Rock Auto is great. :)

        I just rebuilt the suspension on the family V50 for $385.00 delivered to our door with parts from them. New struts, shocks, mounts, bearings, control arms, and bushings. Basically everything except the springs.

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          Searched Google for "UFI 2311800" again today, and the Rock Auto price is now at $4.65 each. Wacky.
          So, at today's price, a dozen of 'em would work out to: $4.65 x 12 = $55.80 plus tax and shipping.

          Damn, at that price, I'm tempted to order a dozen myself and hang 'em on the tree as Christmas ornaments.
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            I've used several filters for mine, all based on the Ford Ranger 2.3L specs.

            Currently I am using Mobil1 M1-102, but have also used Bosch filters. They are all short with a minimum of interference. Looking at the forums, where people actually saw these filters in half, it seems like Bosch and Mobil1 are the one to go for.

            /Magnus F.