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    I have been troubleshooting starter issues, and have finally come to the conclusion that I need a new starter. Does anyone know if a standard Ford Duratec starter will work with the Caterham light flywheel? I have the R500, with a light flywheel, and have looked around on blatchat to see if a standard starter is compatible, but haven't found the answer yet.

    My road to starter unhappiness:

    Occasionally solenoid would click, but starter would not engage or turn over engine.
    Sometimes starter would remain engaged after starting engine.
    Tried bypassing solenoid, checking all connections, didn't help. Rebuilt starter, greased all gears.
    Now won't engage or turn engine even with jumper cables directly to block/starter using truck battery.

    We've had the starter at an electrical shop, but they think nothing's wrong with it. That was when it was still sometimes working. I suspect my alternator and battery are also having issues, but if I can't even get the starter to engage with a direct connection from a strong battery, I am going to begin by replacing it.

    Thanks for any suggestions,


    (Had to comeback after only a few sessions at track weekend because car wouldn't start)

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    Being impatient, and wanting to sort this out, I went down to the auto parts store and had them pull out a starter for a 2006 Ford Focus. It is identical in every way. I measured everything I could and the dimensions of the mounting, gears, etc are all the same. After installing it, I started it 10 times a row with little jaunts around the neighborhood to confirm that it would continue to start.

    I think we were fooled by the auto electronics shop that we took it to. They examined the old starter twice, and each time said it was the solenoid sticking. But obviously after bypassing the solenoid and not having it work, it must have been some short or malfunction within the starter motor. And after installing the new starter, I am no longer seeing some of the erratic voltages I was seeing before the new starter.

    Hopefully the problem is solved.