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Turn signals aren't...

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  • Turn signals aren't...

    So trying to get back on the road and I notice that the turn signals on my 2000 Caterham are not working. The hazard lights do work so I know all the bulbs are fine. Is the same flasher unit used for both functions? If so, it's not the flasher. So maybe the signal switch itself? Odd that both sides of the switch would fail... perhaps a bad ground?

    I guess I don't strictly need turn signals since I can use my arm but I would like to get them working. Now off to find the VOM unless someone has a bright idea...


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    There is a known issue with the contacts in the relay causing this, and the recommended solution is to rapidly flick the hazard switch on/off/on/off... maybe five (5) times or so. This worked when my turn signals once quit, and they have been fine ever since. Ah, British electrics!
    | | Sean


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      Thanks Sean, that seems to have fixed it. Not sure I understand why but at this point I'll take it! :-)

      The signals flash much faster than the hazards, due to the different electrical load I guess?



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        I have what I believe is an '89. My directional signals would work OK up to an engine speed of perhaps 3,000 rpm but would then turn off. Hazards work OK. Last night the low beam headlights stopped working (high beams are OK) and the directionals now turn off over 2,000 rpm (but work below that). These are very interesting features! Any ideas? I cycled the hazards, no difference. thanks Bill