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  • Need new tires

    My Caterham is a 2001 Crossflow with clamshell fenders. It came with Yokahama Advan 032R 185/60 R 14 82H tires. I can't seem to find where to buy replacements. The new version is available in Europe but not the US. 14 inch tires seem to be going the way of the dinosaur. Suggestions ??

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    I don't believe the Advans are available in US in that size any longer. I had them once and they worked great but I too could not find them again. I think I got the first set from Roger Kraus Racing.

    It depends on your budget too.

    I'm currently using Falken Azenis RT615K in 195R-14 If you go this route be sure they are the K version, I think the previous was S but no longer sure. In any case the K is reported to be better than what the previous version was. When I ordered three Ks and one S showed up so do check. It's been over a year so whatever the previous version was is probably gone. Check the date codes too. You don't want them more than a month or so old when you put them on. No matter what brand.

    For the price they work very well on the street.

    There are several other good tires such as the Toyo R888
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      I could not find a set of 14 inch tires that would fit under my 13/14 inch front fenders, so I use a set of 13 inch rims and run Toyo R888s which I like a lot. I think they come in 14s which should work nicely under your clamshells. They are a very good tire, will not wear out, reasonably priced.


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        Agree on the Toyo R888s, which I use in the 13" size.
        Both the Tire Rack and Tires Direct show them as being currently in stock in both 205/55-14 and 225/50-14 sizes.
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          Originally posted by Sean View Post
          Agree on the Toyo R888s, which I use in the 13" size.
          Both the Tire Rack and Tires Direct show them as being currently in stock in both 205/55-14 and 225/50-14 sizes.
          Concur on the Toyos. I have the RA-1s in 13". I went with the RA-1s over the 888s because of the wet performance. While it doesn't rain very often here in SoCal, it does happen. And I have been know to go out in the wet....Like this past Saturday and Sunday. It was great fun!

          I bought the RA-1s through Discount Tire. If you have a store in your area you might want to check to see if they will order them for you. They don't stock Toyos. My local store had to order them. The up side of purchasing from them is their excellent service. And they do price matching. I found the lowest price on the internet and took it in to my local store. They matched the price and ordered up a new set for me. I had to wait a week or so for the tires as their stocking distributor had only several sets of 6-month old tires. The wait was to get the latest batch of tires fresh from Toyo.


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            I ended up getting the Dunlop Direzza's from Tire Rack and am very happy with them. I went on the Great Blat out of Los Gatos last Saturday and they performed beautifully at some relatively high speeds around corners. Those of you who missed the BLAT should REALLY try to make it next year. Sean put together a first class day full of fun,food and fast driving. IT WAS A BLAST !!!