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Size of Caterham and trans slop (can I do anything?)

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  • Size of Caterham and trans slop (can I do anything?)

    Hi All, two questions if I may.

    1. My buddy who is 6' 4" went for a ride with me in my '92 Super 7. He could only just squeeze in, he commented that the other Caterhams he as been in seemed bigger (but of course still too small, other than the SV). My question is, did Caterham make their bodies bigger after my car was built or did he get bigger?

    2. I have the Kent 1700 motor. The four speed trans has a LOT of slop in it when engaged, is this normal and if so.. or if not.. can it be fixed to be a bit tighter? Also, what car did the the trans come from that I have?


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    I believe the newer versions have extended foot wells.

    Where are you and or your friend, perhaps we can find a newer edition for him to try.

    We have some owners about his height that seem to fit without going to the SV, which I believe has even more leg room.

    I don't know about the transmission, check Blatchat. I believe it's

    That's the forum for the Lotus Seven club of Great Britain.

    Define slop as I am not sure I understand. Check your U Joints - before you drive it again.



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      Thanks Doug, by "slop" I mean that when the trans is engaged I can move the stick shift left and right as if it was in neutral. Sort of like the old style Mini's were if you remember them.


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        With the T9 transmission there is a plastic saddle that can wear. The part is inexpensive and fairly easy to replace by removing the gearshift lever (three bolts).
        Tom "ELV15" Jones


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          Can you identify which Four speed you have? Type 2? 2000E? etc? It will not be a T9 as it is a four speed.

          The remote extensions on these transmissions are notoriously bad for the slop you describe. A lot of the wear items (bushings, etc) can be difficult to source as well.


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            This may help.
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              Thanks. By "remote extension" I'm assuming you mean the drive shaft? Any one have pictures (or what ever) on what it is I have please? Even a description would be nice. Is it a normal type drive shaft with the U joint on the diff end and a U joint at the front connecting it to the trans, or is it a spline join on to the trans? Thanks, Pat


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                This is a picture of a remote extension. It moves the shift lever position.


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                  Duh.. okay that makes sense now thanks. Pat