If anyone knows someone wanting to rent a & please contact us. We will be running with the Shelby Club at The Streets Of Willow the weekend of Sept 25th & 26th. The rental rates will be $550 for the 100 hp cars and $950 for the 200 hp car. This will include
two days of driving, tires, fuel, track support, delivery, and a lite lunch. Please contact us as soon as possible. For event information go to website: www.lasaac.org .

Will & Virginia

New 04 Clubsport Kit:
Leather seats
Race Tech steering wheel
wide track suspension
$20,000 (normal retail was $24,745 after freight and duties)

New assembled Superlight:
Leather seats
200 hp Zetec (add $3,000 for Duratec)
$36,000 (normal retail was over $47,000 after freight and duties)

Used 00 Superlight carbon delete (unregistered demonstrator with 5k miles)
leather seats
200 hp Zetec

Used 00 Classic limited edition (unregistered about 1k miles)

Used 93 DeDion
full weather
Cloth adjustable seats

These cars can be upgraded as needed.

949-500-1425 cel