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  • Steering Rack Plug

    I've gotten comfortable with idea that lubricating oil will exit my car in a variety of locations. However, I've found a new leak that may also be normal. On the top of my steering rack, there is what appears to be hexagonal nut with a very small hole in the middle. I've also noticed oil buildup on my steering column u-joint, and that the u-joint nuts were loose. It appears the source of the oil is the small hole on the top of the steering rack.

    In photos I've looked at of other Caterhams, the hole appears to be unplugged as well. However, the hole is so small it is really hard to tell in photos. I can't find a dedicated replacement plug for the hole, though I have not called Redline yet. Should it be plugged?

    I can post photos this evening after work if it would help. Thoughts?

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    7 Rack Top.jpg

    I cleaned it up. Gaiter was clean. This nut was filthy.