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Oops, x-flow coil wiring

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  • Oops, x-flow coil wiring

    Some (ahem) years ago I disconnected the wires leading to the coil on my 2000 Caterham with Xflow motor. Now I can't remember where things plug back in. My assembly guide helpfully has the wiring diagram for a car with a K-series engine and I don't even see a coil pictured. The large wire with the boot is obvious but the spade lugs on either side are a mystery at this point. There is a spade connector with two white wires and a second spade connector with white wires with a black stripe. Can anywone help? Thanks.


    ps. Tips for starting a car that has sat a year or more appreciated.

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    Ok, more on-line detective work says it should work hooked up either way but one is preferred. The coil does have 'plus' and 'minus' marked by the spade lugs, and an older (1980s) Caterham wiring diagram shows the the white wires lead to the ignition switch whereas the white/black wire goes to the distrubutor but no mention is made of the plus or minus markings on the coil.


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      Do you have a multi-meter? Just turn the car to the "on" position and you should be able to tell which is which.


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        I took an educated guess and hooked it back up. Car is running again, hope to make it out for some events...


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          Good on ya. Take it from someone who has experience w/ looooong projects (w/ many intervening cocktails): write it down. :-D
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