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Lockheed Tandam Circut Master Cylinder

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  • Lockheed Tandam Circut Master Cylinder

    I have a 1981 Super 7 with 1600 Kent Engine. I'm rebuilding the brake master cylinder,its the Lockheed Tandam Circut(casting #70-3211-426)it has the wedge style Tank. Does anyone know what car this originaly came off of,and what is the correct rebuild kit for it. It also has the aluminum ID tag on the tank # 4222-404-19 M6g.Any information would be greatly appreciated!!

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    You might try asking Caterham in the UK. The parts department usually responds to emails well. Also check Blatchat

    If it looks like the photo below, it's from an English Ford Sierra which is the donor for the transmission, differential, axle, and rear brakes on the deDion versions.
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      If that doesn't work maybe Moss Motors in Goleta can help.
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        Re Master Cylinder

        DSC01098.jpgMG&SUPRER7SEAL.jpgHere's a couple pictures of the Master Cylinder. At first I thought it was a late 70's MGB or TR7 which are similar with the exception of the mounting flange is horizontal and not vertical. I took a chance and got kit for a MGB, while externally very similar internally their different. The bore on the MGB is .750 and the Caterham is .700. I called Redline in the UK, they told me the master cylinder was from a Hillman Avenger. Mystery solved I thought. I started looking at Avenger master cylinders, not even close!!
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          See this post.

          The stock Caterham S3 uses a Girling .700 bore dual master cylinder. It only has one outlet port where yours has two but that can be plumbed to a T which is how it is done on my 2001 Caterham.

          I don't know if the rebuild kit for the Girling will work on the Lockheed.


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            Based on the photos you posted, your MC looks a lot like this one to me:

            The eBay UK listing for this particular one has expired, but the seller listed it as being for a Vauxhall Viva from 1974-on. Following is the now expired eBay ad URL, from which you can contact the seller:

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              Master Cylinder

              The Vauxall Viva MC looks very promising!! Will look into it Monday morning. Thanks for your help. Here's a couple pics of my car.
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                I think the standard Caterham front M/C will do it. The tank is a bit different but the rest is like Vauxhall


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                  OK old thread, new Joe on the block.

                  The M/C for a S3 Caterham 7 circa 1981/2 is from a Vauxhall Ventora FD FE or Vauxhall Victor FD FE or Vauxhall Viva, no codes I could find.

                  However, whilst trying to sort my cylinder I came across a supply of new items, complete M/C units, stored in the original wax paper with gallons (OK exaggeration) of preserving oil inside.

                  I bought one of these, as it was less cost than sleeving and machining the original one.

                  There are some more of these if any one in 7 land is needing one.

                  NZ $ / US $ very good rate.

                  Regards, Nigel in NZ.


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                    That is good news. I had heard that the MC was not rebuildable and went a different route.

                    Since this MC is a tandem, it works to substitute for a single and the "T", but the braking will not be the same. OK for street, but not for heavy braking.

                    I did also find that the brake lines use 10mm on the MC side, so that adds to the Euro component.